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DemiSci, Tools and Resources for Scientific Computing, is a website being developed that will deliver historical weather data and other scientific computing resources that we integrate into DemiAg Expert System for Agricultural Pest Management to scientists and non-scientists alike. It will serve as a source for both practical and fun scientific computer applications. It is being developed by DeMilia Research LLC, a family owned and operated small business that develops web based computer software applications for agricultural pest management.

DemiSci is not one big project like DemiAg, but rather a bunch of little ones. How can one agricultural researcher and his family do all this? We can't! DeMilia Research LLC is creating seeds and planting them, but we do not know what they will grow into. DemiAg is an open source project with a twist and the DemiSci tools will be modules that have been separated from it so that they can be repurposed by us or others for non-agricultural applications. DemiAg will eventually be released to hopefully hundreds of other computer programmers and scientists who will contribute to them using data provided by hopefully thousands of users like yourself. Other open source projects consist of computer software with its source code made available and licensed in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. The problem is that DemiAg will rely upon a huge knowledge base of data that will be too big to simply be copied and run in isolation. The plan for DemiAg is to disseminate the source code in the typical open source manner as extensible modules while the knowledge base of data is distributed in mirrored nodes hosted by network servers across the internet. DeMilia Research LLC is currently creating the base module open source code release, laying the foundation for the DemiAg knowledge base nodes, and creating a front end user interface available to the public. The DemiSci tools will be repurposed DemiAg modules that rely upon specific DemiAg knowledge base nodes or other sources of data. Some of them we will create ourselves, but most of them we'll let other scientists repurpose for their own usage...we'll see what happens!

The DemiSci tools and your other personal account features are accessed through your personal dashboard. If you already have a DeMilia Research account, then you can create an instance of DemiSci tools after they go live and purchase products through the shopping cart. If you do not have a free DeMilia Research account, then you can register for one. We’ve decided to take that powerful weather data engine being developed for the DemiAg expert system for agricultural pest management and have some fun with it with our upcoming iPhone and iPad app, What Was The Weather. As we develop other scientific computing tools for integration into the DemiAg expert system, it will make them available separately for scientists and the general public here.

Coming in the distant future. The majority of the development time on DemiAg to-date has been on the weather data engine, so several of these tools will be the first components of DemiAg to be completed. After that we can customize these tools for DemiSci.

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